Laughter In Thailand (Portrait Photography)

It’s hard trying to find the time to write whilst travelling. Since I want to make the most of every moment I’m in Southeast Asia, I know I’d regret it if I spent hours every day in my hotel room writing. That’s not to say I’m not writing, but I’m doing it old-style with a notepad and pen; whether it’s in a restaurant while I’m waiting or on the road, I’m documenting everything so that I won’t forget, and I’ll get around to writing it onto here at some point too.

[Note: Right now there are two tiny ants scuttering across my laptop screen, distracting me!]

For now, I’m going to upload some of my favourite portrait photos I’ve taken on my solo trip across Thailand so far. I’ve found that, while other tourists are busy photographing famous monuments and other lifeless things (or themselves in front of these things), I’m the one that lags behind the crowd, searching for the faintest hint of a smile, or a sadness in the eyes I’ll never come to understand. I’ve always loved stories, but bricks and mortar don’t speak out to me the same way eye contact and a smile does. It’s people who fascinate me most of all. I want to know their thoughts and feelings, their beliefs, what their childhood was like and what they had for breakfast that morning. I know that their story will be far more inspiring than an emotionless building, and while I can’t communicate very well with language (I know just a few phrases in Thai), laughter needs no translation.

Photographing Laughter In Thailand

Woman and child laughing in Chiang Mai
Sunday Night Market, Chiang Mai (this kid’s laugh was just adorable!)
Local lady smiling in Sukhothai, Thailand
Sukhothai Historical Park – 10 baht (19 pence!) for 3 bananas!
Laughter at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand
Elephant Sanctuary, Chiang Mai – Nik, our guide for the day, laughs as an elephant helps himself to food!
Child and father laughing in Thailand
Behind the counter – The Golden Triangle, Thailand
Child laughing in Chiang Rai
Long Neck Tribe, Chiang Rai – Innocent laughter

It’s not all smiles though; the photograph below (taken today in Chiang Rai) has to be the saddest! 😦

Unhappy child in Thailand
Sad child from a hill tribe in Chiang Rai, Thailand

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  1. MamaShively says:

    Getting in late on this travel blog, but I’m enjoying every detailed entry! Be careful out there!

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    1. TravelCopy says:

      Thank you! 🙂 I will!


    1. TravelCopy says:

      Nothing better! 🙂


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